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Need logos!


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Hello. I need some logos for my story. I'm provide a list on what I want:


1. I would like this as my title image, but without the black background. Under it, I want it to say "The story of Albert De Silva" in this font.


2. I want this image as part of my title logo. I want the image above in the top left hand corner of this image, like Albert is facing it.


3. I would like these for the chapters:

Act I: The Depression

Act II: The Heist

Act III: The Cartel

Act IV: The Riches

Act V: The Oppression


for all of those, I want it to be the same as this. I want the same font as the V to be for example, The Depression. In the banner where the FIVE is, I want it to represent which Act corresponds to it. So, The Depression will have a banner that says ACT I.


Seems like alot, but I'm hoping this can be done. Thanks in advance!



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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Mother of God...


Thank you! It's all so awesome! I really appreciate man. smile.gif


cookie.gif x1,000,000


One thing though. For the "Act" images, would it be possible to change the "V" to the chapter names, but still keep the style it has?

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[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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