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Stevies Thefts Problem


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I am currently completeing stevies thefts, however when I got into one of stevies cars, I gained a wanted level, and got arrested. I have also as a result lost my car. How can I get the car the Stevie wants back?


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I would have thought it obvious ... you ditch the cops (as quickly as possible and without scratching the car) and then take the vehicle to his garage. That is how you do it! Risk is part of the job - and if you want to sit in that chair you have to accept it. Having never lost a car yet in any of those missions I honestly cannot supply a reply that will work for you ... but my thoughts are if the car is seized and impounded, surely you have lost it and have to go on to the next one - unless the mission is somehow left open. The only other option is to reload your last save and try again.

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Isn't this part of the 100% completion? If so one would "assume" it should respawn again. Although I could be wrong as like Karjerker says I have never gained a wanted level doing these jobs.

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Actually, it respawns at the same place.

You can even save one at the garage and go back at pick a new car.

That's how I got my Unqiue Gold Infernus and Green Sabre GT w/ Black Stripe.

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Puto Bendejo

Strangely enough, after completing stevie's thefts, the bronze comet always respawns in the same place: between the burgershot and golf driving range, just north of the bowling alley in Algonquin. I've retrieved it several times even after 100% but it keeps respawning. I've looked for other places, like the infernus by the park, but so far haven't found any like this. anyone else have similar experience? any other stevie respawns you've found?

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