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GTA 4 Dialogue System?


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Hey there everyone.

I'm kinda translating the game script (found here), and I'm currently translating the mission "First Date".

While driving to do "funfair", there seems to be two dialogue options seen in the game.

Like this;




<driving - going to the carnival - A>Niko: So, Michelle, what do you like to do?Mic: What do you like to do?Niko: Come on, I asked you first.Mic: I like to keep active I guess. Sports, working out, things like that. I'd like to know about you though. See the places you hang out. Niko: Yeah, maybe another time.<driving - going to the carnival - B>Niko: I feel like I should have been more organized. Had a better plan for our date. What do you like doing?Mic: I just want to get to know you, Niko. See the places you hang out. The people you associate with.Niko: You already know Roman. I don't hang out with anybody else really.Mic: You will, give it some time.


So, I watched few walkthroughs in Youtube, but, in the all videos I watched, they were speaking only the A option.

Is B option ever shown in-game?

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i know what your meaning here, there are plenty of dialoge options in the game... say you'll get option A when you first attempt the mission, but say if you fail you will get option B when you restart the same mission


NOW, in the case of the mission your inquiring about, i believe option A plays when you save Roman first from the Loan Sharks instead of going on the date first.


and vice verse the other way, if you go on the date before helping Roman, you get option B...

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Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but it's exactly what I was looking for but to follow up on it; is there a mod out there that will change the game to play option b the first time you do a mission, and then option a (or even c if there are any) when you fail? I've played this game through a few times and it would be interesting to hear something different without purposefully killing myself every time.

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