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GTA SA crashes


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after quite some time I installed my GTA SA again. There're many new carmods outside, and I wanted to try them out. First I replaced some textures, than I added some maps (which I removed again) and CLEO scripts. After replacing one car the game still ran. Then I replaced the second one, and as soon as CJ left the safehouse, the game crashed. I changed the cargroups.dat for this second car should appear immediately.

I thought maybe dff- or txd-file could be broken, so I replaced them with the original files again, but the game still crashed.


Because I haven't been that far with modding my game, I wanted to start over again. So I deleted the SA-modded folder, replaced the original exe in the GTA-original folder with the Hoodlum-exe, but SA now crashes while loading a game (new or safe-game, doesn't matter). Deleting gta.set doesn't help.


I would reinstall again, but unfortunately my original DVD got broken (I was a bit angry and didn't pay attention as I took it out of the box).


Does anyone here have a clue why those strange crashes occur? I mean, why does that happen to an (nearly) original game? Maybe any Win XP updates which don't go with SA?


Any hints are very much appreciated!





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I know this is not going to help you much, but you should really have the original DVD of the game if you're modding.

I've lost count on how many times i had to reinstall the game due to lack of inexperience at modding.

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Well, as I said above: I got it, but it's broken. Recently, after installing again. I know R* would provide me with a new one for 10€, but I'd like to have the v1. I'll get it on Ebay, if there's no work-around. Nevertheless I'd like to know why this has happened - I'm not unexperienced in modding GTA games, and I'm sure that I did nothing wrong.

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Could it be you haven't installed a CLEO mo correctly? or a few scripts maybe clashing causing crashes?

Anyway, any data mods you installed? Please list if you have.

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Yes, I had a couple of CLEO mods installed - the GTA-modded folder is deleted, so I can't tell you exactly which ones. But the problem also occurs on a clean SA with only the Hoodlum-exe in. After the modded SA crashed, the original one also got spoiled.

The whole game was running with all the CLEO scripts, then I exchanged one car and *baamm!*.

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If you are playing without the DVD, then you must be using a cracked game.

Get a replacement DVD, as a Cracked and modded game may experience problems of any sort which can't be fixed on these forums.

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I already stated twice that I use the Hoodlum-exe, didn't I. So congrats for this sharp conclusion!


I'll also use this No-CD exe when I got a working original again, because it's less annoying and SA loads faster. The exe used to work for years. It can't be the reason for those crashes.


Btw: Didn't CLEO3 users had to download this exe in order to get CLEO3 working? And GTAforums allowed those CLEO-related threads, so it would be kind of inconsistent when there's no help for somebody that uses it. My opinion.

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