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flashing environment


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Why does the environment start flashing when my camera is faced towards Downtown Los Santos? Always when the camera is on the tall buildings in Downtown Los Santos, the environment around me starts flashing/disappearing. Even when I use stream memory fix. But the weird thing is that when I'm beside the tall buildings, everything is all fine. Also, this problem occurs when I use a timecyc with a high draw distance.

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Download this and copy it on your CLEO folder. (It requires CLEO 4 installed btw, and this is a Map Loader fix by Skript47 which might fix your problem)
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I get this problem in LS when I used to use PO2010. Main reason i don't use Oblivion ^


Render.cs may help; or one of the memory fixes in the ENB Screenshot thread might help you out as well. AFAIK the StreamMemFix doesn't have a very high mem limit anyway.

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