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Help! banshee in GTA SA doesn't exist


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Background info:

I am playing on a cracked version of GTA SA as i've given the disc to a friend of mine. I am an avid CLEO mod runner and have a couple of mods installed on my gta



So i first encountered this problem in driving school. Whenever I reached the whip and terminate level, the game stops working and crashes. I suspected it might have something to do with the banshee car in the level so I drove the San Fierro gym where there was usually a banshee parked but there was none. Then, I went to Las Venturas (using wanted cheat of course) and not a single banshee was seen at even the Strip.


I've so far tried everything I could in order to solve this problem. I've already uninstalled/deleted all my mods, and even reinstalled the game, as well as replacing the banshee.txd and banshee.dff files in gta3.img but this still happens. I suspect it might either be some essential banshee data files missing or that the crack was written problematically so it is unable to process the car. Can anyone please help me on this problem? Or at least inform me of all the data files a car in gta sa requires in order to run. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps! smile.gif

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We don't fix pirated games.

We don't fix Cracked games.

We don't fix Modded games in this part of the Forums.

If you don't have the disc you don't own the game.

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