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Hello All,


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I assume that the .wad files have to do with coding more than anything.


I just modded and replaced the in-game Uzi with a P90 mod (not from EFLC), and also replaced the [email protected] with the correct one from EFLC ([email protected], renamed appropriately, of course). The animation works beautifully in GTA IV. Only problem is that there is no sound whatsoever while the reload animation occurs. Does anyone know where these .wag files reference other files from? I have tried putting the file "EP2_SFX.rpf" (I guess this is where the sound file for the P90 would be?) from my EFLC folder into GTA IV's PC/Audio/SFX and also (just to try) in Episodes/TBoGT/PC/Audio/SFX, but no dice. The audio just doesn't want to be played. Is it possible to change where the animation references sound files from?


There's also one minor problem with GTA IV's [email protected] animation. Whenever you reload behind cover while crouched, no sound is played. However, all other times, it works just fine. Anyone notice this and know how to correct it? Weird bug I can live with, but no sound for the P90 is a different story. I would try a different weapon mod, but I can't find a descent Uzi-style SMG mod out there. I found a cool MP7, but apparently it was only for GTA SA even though it said it was for GTA IV...does anyone know how to convert the .txd and .dff files to be used in GTA IV?


Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide insight on this .wag file business! smile.gif

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