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A Few Requests


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Hi Artists, I would like a Sig and Avatar,


First of All sig. I would like a sig with the link below, The link is a list of pics of 'Sonny Corleone' And I'd like all of those pics saying 'Carmine Tagliano' (In left hand corner) 'Its only Business' (In bottom corner)

Is there any chance you can duplicate each of them pics, The first pic the above should be placed in them, And the second set saying 'Carmine Tagliano' (top left hand corner) and 'The Tagliano Family' (in bottom right). Can the text be in gold and have bullet holes in them and blood coming from them.


BTW: Its only the first row of pics I'd like icon14.gif




The Avatar, I would like a Mafioso styled Avatar, Like Sonny Corleone or just Mafia Styled.



Thanks in Advance icon14.gif

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