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100 percent tool

Orion Lukas

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Orion Lukas

Would be greatly appreciative with your help with the following:


Like many players I'm stuck at %99 percent and I'm just dying to know what have I missed. (Marti Chonks: "I got money problems, but who doesn't?")

There was a tool that you could use which would tell you what is left to be completed to get %100 (since Rockstar didn't feel it necessary to make it part of the game).


That tool was called Ancestral recall (or similar) and is being featured in this post: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=211312


Sadly, seems the poster (Demarest) of it has gone inactive sometimes mid 2007, and the website where the tool was hosted has also gone inactive. Would anyone know where I (and many others) could find that Ancestral tool for GTA3 or anything similar that could help us in completing the game to %100?

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You could PM Spuds725(the Vice City Moderator), I think he has pretty much all of Dem's code tools archived. If not, I might still have it on my old laptop-i'll have to check on that..


OR, you could use Archive.org and type in tfads.com to bring the Archived version of Dem's site and download the tool from there. *Note: If downloading the tool this way, you MUST un-zip it with the default windows tool, as any external one-ie. RAR will not work...* Just a couple of heads up. smile.gif


The code tools are legal to distribute, as Demarest(the creator) has said so on his site-here is what is written on that:

I am a firm believer and an avid supporter of freedom. Freedom to be ourselves as well as enjoy ourselves. If you like my mods, my codes, or the ideas they give you, go with that. Use them, abuse them, hack them, duplicate them, distribute them, whatever. Have fun with it. This is, after all, a video game! And if you happen to feel like it, maybe mention that I helped inspire you or you found it here.



That there says it is OK to distribute/archive them-the above quote is also in the VC Downloads Database topic as well.. smile.gif

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