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I need help in vcs (psp)


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mad.gif i am having this problem that in my gta vcs the radio does not work and i think because of that i cant complete the mission " In the Air tonight" when i go to phil's concert the loading screen appears and then nothing happens...plz help me sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

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What is the source of the game-ie. Is it the UMD disc version OR the downloaded one off of PSN OR a downloaded one from somewhere else? Also, What version of PSP do you have?

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i have a downloaded game and i have psp 1001...plz help me to solve the problem sad.gif

Then it may be a bad download, as not all files may have got downloaded, so(not sure how PSP downloads are), but, it would be best to do a un-install and re-install-if that's possible with PSN downloads?

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