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Speaker problem


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Hi guys, I'm having this really annoying problem with my speakers, I get this really bad crackling sound when playing audio, Sometimes its alright the next it goes all crackly.


I know its not my speakers since I have tried other speakers and still got the same problem, I think that its a driver fault, I'm running windows 7 64bit


Can anyone provide me with decent drivers?


Even the default ones windows installed gave me this problem and its driving me insane

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Since you didn't say what sound card you have we can't link to any sound drivers at all.

But it could be a hardware problem. The first thing I would try is cleaning the port. What I've told someone in the past that worked is this....


Get some rubbing alcohol, the higher percentage the better.

First clean the speaker's plug really well with it alcohol and a lint free cloth.

Next dip the speaker's plug into the alcohol so that it's wet and put into the sound card's jack but make sure the alcohol is not dripping off of the plug.

When you put the plug in, twist it back and forth as you push it all the way in, and give it a twist once it is all the way in.

Take the plug back out and clean it again.

Repeat getting the plug wet and putting it into the jack and cleaning between each.

Should only take about 2-4 times.


Another idea to narrow the problem. If your sound card has more than one 1 speaker out port, try that one. Change to 5.1, you might have to use Windows or if your sound card has it's own settings program, then use that for better results. Plug your speakers into the "rear" or "side" speaker port; black is rear, orange is center/sub which you can also try for grins, green is Line Out or side for the 7.1 setting. Point is to try your speakers on these other ports to see if you get the same issue.

It could be that the sound card is bad.


You can also pick up a dirt cheap USB audio dongle that you plug into to see if the problem is hardware or software related. I would try the USB dongle on a system with no sound issues at all to make sure you know what it sounds like before putting it on the troubled system.

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I bought a soundbar for my Dell 19inch LCD, pawn shop outlet, turns out it was cheap for a reason, they cut me an offer deal on it (right speaker was cutting out big time!), and I took it apart, which required breaking a GLUED CASING, DAMN you Dell for that!! Anywho, the wiring RIGHT at the speaker and amp board are the culprit, not the PC or the plug at the other end, so you do need to determine where this fault lies, and that's a bit of hands on checking, be gentle moving wires, I wiggle the wire along it's length gently, one way and the other, while streaming some sound of course, that way you can narrow down if the quality changes at any given point physically.


I see you do seem to have a PC based issue, if the speakers are checking out with clean bill of health, I have been playing with Vista, XP and now some more with Windows 7, some cases there's drivers intended on 64 bit or 32bit, perhaps there's a difference in that, but do give more tips on your specific hardware to go on

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