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GTA 1 Resurrection Patch

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I'm new here and I wonder is anyone still visiting this part of forum? smile.gif


But all I want to know is your opinion about my idea. I decided to make "GTA 1 Resurrection Patch". The main goal is make GTA 1 a little bit fresher.

What would this patch contains? I've decided to:


* Replace old sprites with new ones - I mean the vast majority of graphics such as: HUD, weapon boxes, trees, telephone boxes and much more.


* New textures - brand-new or original but edited textures. It would make old well-known cities a little bit different.


* Characters from GTA3,VC and SA - remapped characters look like these from 3D versions in each GTA 1 city.


* Brand-new radio stations - 10 completely different radio stations with various music styles like: rap, electronica, punk, pop, etc.


* Entirely new vehicles - only the best rated vehicles created for GTA1. Few also inspired by 3D series e.g. BMX in San Andreas instead sh*tty white motorbike tounge.gif


Maybe I forgot about something and I also waiting for your propositions smile.gif


I tried to add some high quality textures into game, but tiles are only 64x64 px, so after running the game in every available resolution they look really crappy confused.gif


I'm waiting for yours responses. Do you wanna play with this patch in GTA 1? Is it in your opinion worth to make this kind of patch for 15-years-old game?




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Not bad idea, but it should be done is GTA2 instead of GTA1. It's a lot easier to mod stuff in GTA2, and the GTA1 maps are also available for GTA2 for expansion. Can be done, I can do it, but I won't because I'm working on Anywhere City Stories right now.

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is great idea, GTA I is Classic and Great

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Sure, gta2 would work better - if you could increase sprite size.. perhaps via 3DMA engine hooks to convince the game to use better resolution sprites.

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