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GTA Vice City freezes


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Hello, people. I have problem with my GTA Vice City and it's? Periodically, the game freezes, with the sound still playing. I've read the problem in the bug list (Problem #4: Vice City periodically locks up with the sound still playing.) but I didn't find the solution. I do not have custom MP3's, and I've already re-installed the game with the custom radio-stations, but it didn't work.


I'm running it in a Dual Core 1.8 ghz, Windows XP SP3, 1,93 gb RAM, 64 mb integrated graphics. Also, I downloaded the game, and it have no mods.


I can play perfectly, obviously until it crashes. Any solutions?


Thanks, and sorry about my english.

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First off, Where did you Download the game from?


I ask that, as this is a known problem with XP SP3 and Vista-however, the fix for this is to use 98 compatibility mode...OR Since you have XP, try Going to Start, Run and type in DXDIAG and press Enter, then click the Sound tab and lower the Sound Acceleration to either Basic or None...(note this trick only works on XP and certain Windows 7 computers-HP are the ONLY ones I have seen that has this option on Windows 7-via the Beats Audio page-Sound Acceleration was disabled on Vista). HTH

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