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Life Role-Playing


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!!!FOR XBOX360!!!


-Has anyone wanted to play a serious game of life on GTA IV? This game is serious but we still love to have fun! Basically you just start off with just a few hundred dollars and you have to find a job (yes of course there are promotions) and save up money. You have game meters for your hunger, heigene, your fitness, and also your happiness. Let me give you some examples of how those work! If you work for a long time your happiness will go down just like real life, if u go fishing or go out to parties, it will go up. And you can assume how the heigene is regulated... and i would hope you would understand hunger or you wouldnt be reading this. Those are just a few features.


-The rest all include buying titles to cars , over 40 titles to houses and businesses around the map which include everything from nikkos house to the superstar cafe! There are also karma points, educational classes for jobs, lotteries, fishing etc.


-We use a dice simulator for random events which can be good or bad you have to wait to see who knows maybe u could get lucky and win a bunch of money or a car? or get in a fight and get mugged.


-I am the game master of it and i keep track of all the meters, money, titles and items in peoples inventory through microsoft excel it works very well! biggrin.gif so dont worry about losing all the money you earned because i keep track of it all!


-If you want to learn more send me a message on this forum or on xbox ill be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Me and my friends have alot of fun we would love for more people to join!!


-Send me a friend request on xbox aswell ill be waiting for it!


-Gamertag: AtomicLemons biggrin.gif

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