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Car tuning/skills


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As an offshoot from the skills thread I came up with this idea and I went and played MCLA, so...came up with this idea which has probably been done.


You'd buy/steal/whatever a car, and take it to a mod garage, there, you would be able to fit parts that increase various parameters of the car or decrease them.




Wing: Alpha (+1 handling -1 speed)


Tires: Off Road (+5 handling -5 acceleration)


Gears: Short Range (+5 accelartion -5 top speed)


It'd be yet another way to customize your game, thinking about it, it would also give a logical way for car handling to change over time and skills, for instance you need a certain amount of seat time in one car to get upgrades for that car.


Once you'd installed the parts you then get a basic setup menu, it'd be laid out like so


Gearing --------[]----------

Handling ----------[]---------

Top Speed ---------[]----------

Weight ----------[]------------


And others


Each should be fairly simple to explain


Gearing is how fast your car accelerates, a high gearing would mean it accelerates quicker, but hits top speed faster


Handling is how well the car turns, higher value is a sharper turn, or a 'looser' car, a lower value makes the car turn less or 'pusing' when you turn


Top speed would be directly tied into acceleration, a low top speed = high aceleration, a high top speed = low accelration, so pick carefully


Weight = How eavy or how durable your car is, a heavier car could ram other cars out of the way, but it'd also accelerate and turn slower.

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