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weird street bug


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Hi, I have this weird bug.

user posted image

The part where the texture is darker, is not solid. So if I drive on it, I will fall through it and spawn on the ground but keep falling.

user posted image

I think it has something to do with the .exe file, because I had this problem when I was using the cd, witch is a little broken but works. I found a no cd patch witch fixed it, but then I couldn´t save snapshots or listen to user tracks. I´m using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and I have mods installed.

Anybody had this issue before and if yes, any ideas how to fix it?

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Please … When POSTING PICTURES try to select 640x480 or smaller for “message boards and forums.” so as to not stretch the forum frame. Or just use a link.


The San Andreas Forum is for Un-Modded Games.

We do not assist with Cracked Game problem, so lose the crack.

If you are playing without the DVD in the Drive that may also be a problem.


Modding and Cracking a game may result in unexpected failures, WHICH we don't fix here.


The fix for the problem is to remove all Mods and Crack.

When you have a Clean game installed you may start modding again.

Play the game to be sure it works.

Add one mod (NO Cracks) at a time playing the Game to be sure it still works.

Then you may install the next mod and play the game to be sure it still works.

Repeat this method until you get to the one that screwed the game.

Don't use that one. Or Go to the Modding Forums for help with it.

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That problem usually happens because the game doesn't have enough memory to process the rest of the model elements. Remove the car (and or map) mods.


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