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GTA IV custom missions like SA has


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So anyone that plays SA probably knows about there custom mission script; there are thousands of user-created missions uploaded.







See to me the purpose of GTA has always been about missions and chaos. Yet here was stand 4 years laters with hundreds of mods that have little to do with that, at least in terms of larger-scale projects. It makes me scratch my head, not gonna lie.


My proposal is for someone to come up with a mission creation mod that can also be saved and shared with other users easily. Additionally if these missions worked in multiplayer that would really expand on the gameplay experience.


It's GTA; killing bad guys for some diluted, psychotic reason really is the name of the game. Yet once we finish the storyline, outside of 3 online coop missions, that whole aspect of the game more or less disappears. This would give us a chance to re-emulate those main things about the game that made it so fun to play.

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