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Golf course


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I need helkp w/ this one> I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Its been a lonfg time. I can't remember the name of the mission but its the one where yopu chase the guy in the golf cart.


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I always use the comet parked nearby to jump into the Golf course to the left of the entrance and then you can just use your guns to shoot the target while he's standing there swinging. Just letting you know about that in case you want to play that mission without help. There's also a way of using a car to ramp onto the golf course, you need to check youtube for that trick as I forgot where to exactly drive.


I found the video. I'll PM the link to you since it won't work here.

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I'll do it.

Next time, please post all your Save N' Play requests in the Save N' Play topic. turn.gif


For: superfly41

Missions: Four Iron

Helper: miromiro

Link: <Click Here>

Reward: 500$

Status: Completed.


Filled up your armor.

Country Club outfit delivered to The Golf Club in Leaf Links.

Saved at Ocean View Hotel.


Enjoy the rest of the game! smile.gif

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