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[REQ] ACIII Signature


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Hey, I wanted to make another request. Turns out I'll be getting back to the Assassins' logo avatar after all because the recent ACIII announcement, so I wanted a matching signature.


This is the image:

user posted image


I'd like it to have a white or light blue border added to it and an Animus 3.0 background to it (check the trailer for references).


I don't know if you can work with a partial image from a video, but I hope you'll manage to do a great job.

Also, as a reference:




Excuse the huge picture, I wanted the best detail I could get from a YouTube Video.


Thanks in advance!

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God, Narcis, you're so awesome!


I like the first one best because it's the Animus 3.0, but I really like the others too because they're a mixture between the three Animuses!


Thanks! Have a cookie.gif!

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Glad I could help my fellow Romanian. smile.gif

Here you can find some Assassins Creed avatars I made from the trailer.

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