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NFL Discussion


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Well the Titaus Young Experiment is now over in St Louis.


It'd be interesting to see where Woodson and Freeney end up. Supposedly the seahawks are looking into Woodson which would be a bit odd but if Woodson can play the hawks could either move Earl Thomas to Nickle CB and have woodson play FS in nickle situations. But even then it'd be a very limited role.


Some seahawks fans want freeney but i dont. First off his age is a major concern. We already have an older DE in Clemons. I'd prefer to either get Irvin bulked up or Draft a pass rush DE/DT in the draft. The Hawks always tend to do better in the draft than free agency.


And for f*cks sake this offseason is longer than f*ck. August and September NEED to get here soon. I'm in need of a Seahawks fix god damned lol

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Unless Young gets his s**t straight, I wouldn't have him on my team.


The NFL is a young man's game, so I doubt the Seahawks sign Woodson or Freeney. Woodson's what, 37? You need youth and speed at those skill positions, man. Look at what the Giants did - with all his mileage and injures, they felt Bradshaw was an old 27 and dropped him. Cold-blooded, but it's how the league works.


If you want an NFL fix, you've got free agency in March, the combines/draft in April, and last season's games on the NFL Network.That plus March Madness and the NBA Playoffs carries me over until training camps open in July.



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The Hippie

Who's all gonna be watching the NFL combine this weekend? Who's going to be the guy to blow up the combine and rocket in to a top 10 pick? I think it could be BYU DE Ziggy Ansah. Man, this class of pass-rushing DEs is ridiculous. I can almost see a handful of future pro bowlers.

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King Kapone

I don't know how I feel yet about Philadelphia and the new honcho, Chip Kelly. I'll have some idea what to think once draft day comes and goes but I'm just hoping for more than a 4-12 season, really.

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