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This mouse wants to kill me


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Alright, where do I start.


I'm not sure whether it's a mouse problem or a USB port problem, or fate just hates me. Now then... while playing some games my mouse goes completely dead for a second, at most vital points I must add too, it won't respond to movement, if I was shooting then it will keep shooting until it's responsive again.


This doesn't happen in all the games, for example TF2 runs brilliant with it and my mouse never loses control, while playing MW3 MP it just goes mad, I'm bad enough at the game as it is, but the mouse just makes me worse (that game is made for the Gods, I'm not sure how could they be that much combat aware and see everything as they do, for me it's a mess of dog sh*t brown and gray colors where I can't see another player, especially if he's lying down *end of rant*), while playing Terraria this problem never occurs. Same thing also happened in World of Warcraft when I used to play it, but by messing around with the wire it would stop for a while. (Which I am really not sure that it's the wires connectivity fault).


I tried another mouse, it's a brand new mouse just is sh*t as hell due to it being lighter than a feather thus it is impossible to feel anything with it and it moves around the screen like mad without even touching it. Regardless.. I tried that mouse and same thing happens, just that it goes unresponsive for a shorter time gap, still is annoying that when I see a motherf*cker and I wanna shoot his face off, the mouse goes dead and he outflanks me and I sit there raging...


Any suggestions?



P.S. Mouse doesn't go dead while I'm outside of the game, or even in the game lobby, just while playing the game itself.

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MW3 has a mouse issue on some systems; a common stated fix is to set the process priority to 'normal' or some config_mp.cfg change.

still me, still existent, still.. everything~

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MW3 has a mouse issue on some systems; a common stated fix is to set the process priority to 'normal' or some config_mp.cfg change.

Setting to normal seemed to help, now only thing is the mouse is so hard to aim with since I can't get the cursor on the enemy, it slows down 100 time when I'm a few inches away from the enemy. I guess that's better than nothing, now if I only sucked less at the game.

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