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Enb pixel problem


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i got a little problem with any enb i use. rightnow i using "the powerful enb" confing, no AA.

i also tried diffrent other enbs but i was always the same:

black pixel blocks sometimes show up in the upper egde of the screen, i'll add pics.

i'm on i run a gtx460 evga fpb on driver 285.62.

maybe someone has got an idea about this. would be great.


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I have an PNY GTX460 with the same driver but no problems. I am using a different patch ( So I would suggest you to try a different patch first.

Does the problem also occur when you are using no ENB at all? Please post the rest of your system specs! Is it a legal game copy or cracked in any way?

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i tried with a patched filelist.pak and also with the filecheckfix.asi, but i always get the menu fonds problem: no text at all or only letters, don't know what i'm doning wrong but i would try it again if you got a suggestion that might work.

it never occured when i was realityIV instead of an enb as far as i remember, but i'm doing a reinstall right now to check it.

i got a 100percent legal DVD version. biggrin.gif

system: intel i7 2600 @ 3.4 ghz, 8 gb ram, windows 7 64bit

thank you so far

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without enb it doesn't happen. i'm on rightnow, i used arus GTA4 - File Modding Ability Patch and i got only letters instead of words in the whole game. please help me.

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