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Police Station never wanted... Need help.

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How's that happen, none of this script your writing has anything to do with 'The Party'

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I know, don't know why it freezes there.. hey spaceeinstein. Could it be possible for you to highlight the areas in your test-main.txt to show where you've edited please.

It would be greatly appreciated. I would love to learn the right way on how to do this without crashing the game. NOTE: I've tried just my police buying code in the original

main.scm. It still crashes at the same spot.


EDIT1: I don't even edit the mission "The Party". So I haven't a clue.




BTW: spaceeinstein your main.scm works absolutely perfect no errors or crashes... how did you put that in there. Because like I said, I tried putting that buying code in the original main.scm of ViceCity 1.0. It made the game crash at the Party mission. Just like in my modded version of the New Vice City 2011 Mod. Can you elaborate on your mission script please.




I got it working all I had to do was remove the






threads (they are very buggy and crash the game)

Edited by ThePlague1988

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Here are my five-step changes in image form, orange means the line was changed, green means the lines were added.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


@The_Sorrow, you don't need to modify a mission to make a mission crash the game. The game crashed when 020A was executed, that means a mission-required car disappeared when it became "no longer needed" (01C3). An important note fr everyone, 01C3 can only be used on spawned cars (00A5) or mission cars (0327). It must not be used elsewhere else this kind of crash can happen.

Edited by spaceeinstein

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Thanks for the answer spaceeinstein, now I know for future coding

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