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Invisible Machines


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That was cool to read. Thanks for posting it.


If you want any more opinion on it I'd be happy to dole mine out, but I've found that simple appreciation maintains the special feeling behind a poem.

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Apologies for replying so late - totally missed this!


I really enjoyed this on first reading. I'm still going over it as we speak, and probably will do a couple times, trying to piece together its meaning. What I wanted to comment on initially was your use of diction; the relations between the word choices and the way they all unfold around a central theme was really striking to me. I quite like the progression it has.

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Mokrie Dela

I can't add to anything already said other than say I like seeing poetry posted up here. It seems that poetry is often considered "uncool" and to write some can be considered brave.


I like it, and the way it flows, It provokes some thoughts in me of jobs being a chore, like a daily grind (i dont know if that's just on my mind anyway or whether it's my interpretation.) I often find the beauty of poetry is that it can be inturpreted in many ways. I remember I uploaded some here once and people took different things from it.


Nice work there, don't be shy to post more biggrin.gif

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Click here to view my Poetry

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Wow, thanks for all the feedback guys. When I post poetry every once and a blue moon I don't usually anticipate so many comments. I may post more here in the near future, but as I've been crafting together a few poems to ship off to magazines and such today, I may hold off for awhile.


Glad to see the writing community picking up. I need to swing by here more often. tounge.gif

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I remember reading this sometime ago but not having anything constructive to say. So I'll settle with what I wanted to say back then.


I love this peace, it's fantastic.


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