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Jet Issues


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I've been having issues flying my jet. Since you can't get a running start like you would on most typical planes. How can I get it to fly fast and get some height without getting out of control because I can't control it, it's slow, and can't elevate at all whatsoever.


P.S. It's the jet you steal from the Aircraft Carrier in the Easter Basin.

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Use (by default) the key 8. Keep it pressed about 3-4 seconds. Please note that I'm NOT meaning the Numpad keys but the other. To slow down, keep pressed 2 about 3-4 seconds.

Dead (Retired)

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Cheat for Hydra: Triangle, triangle, square, circle, x, L1, L1, D up, D down.


Lift off and raise landing gear.

Tilt nose up.

Engage forward thrust the scene will jump [stagger] as the Hydra moves forward. The nose will drop a bit.


The Game should tell you which buttons to push as part of the tutural.


I suggest using the Cheat to get the Hydra for practice.

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Yeah, you type them. Try to type them fast though. Here's a list of all Cheat Codes of San Andreas.

Dead (Retired)

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While playing the game (Not paused) just enter the code. The Hydra should pop into view about twenty-feet in front of CJ.



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Sorry I'm new to this forum and don't know a whole when it comes to cheating codes & not. Oh and which is the forward thrust, left or right stick?

Edited by IOwnTheWorld1994
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I can't say for sure, as its been a couple of years since I used my PS2. You can test the sticks or Directional pad (or even the buttons) while you taxi.

I use a USB gamepad on the PC and it's the right stick for that.

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Oh can you spawn the Hydra to Liberty City? If so then I'll look the codes up now.

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I think these apply or at least were found on the PC version.

It may be possible to use the same techniques to get there.

Liberty City in the San Andreas game is NOT the same as in the other game.



Liberty city is connected to SA by road? closed.

Can you get to Liberty City on PC?

*Official* Liberty City Get-To Guide No Cheat Device Needed!

Liberty City, how to get there? closed.

Can you go to Liberty City … Locked.

San andreas liberty city Locked.

Blue hell: Liberty city Closed.

Liberty City in San Andreas Closed.

Easier way to Liberty City in GTA:SA Closed.

Liberty city Closed.

New Way of Getting To Liberty City? Closed.

Liberty City, Travel Closed.



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Hold the right analog stick foward. Jesus people, he said PS2 version in the description.

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The Hydra cheats won't work.

It should, not sure why it wouldn't. Make sure when using buttons like UP and stuff, your using the DPAD, not the analog stick.

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