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I need some sigs.,avatars,a picture,and headers.


For the headers I need these words:Gang Art,Activities written in letters like in this thread Clikcey Here!


For the avatars I need a onyx shield,with a white skull on it,and I need the letters SoW written from top to down.The avatars have to be spinning to the rigth of course.


For the sigs. I need Sons of War written with the same letters as the headers,but with the white,not onyx,in an onyx background.The 2nd sig. is the same,but there are 2 GTA IV icon M4's leaning on the words Sons of War.


For the picture I need a typical LC map,with President's City,Bohan Industrial and Port Tudor marked in onyx


That's all and help will be massively appreciated.



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Okay then, all the threads with bump shorter then 3 days will be locked, and you will be able to create a new topic on 8 mar.



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