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Gripe Bike Races Alderney Casino Race

Recommended Posts

AARRRGGGHHHH angry.gifangry.gifangry.gif


No matter what bike I chose, every time I try the Alderney Casino bike race I can never stop the damn bike from slipping around.


Any tips for the 'best' bike to use?

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YES! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I DID IT!


After countless goes on different bikes I finally did it! I did the braking suggestion for turns and I didn't go flat out on any of the rough ground. I came close on a Zombie, a Bati and finally won with an NRG.


AT LONG LAST, THERE IS A GOD!!!! icon14.gif

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  • 1 month later...

I've found that even better than the sanchez, the innovation is the best all around bike for any of the races. great pickup speed, excellent handling, (even on the beaches). its accelleration and handling makes up for top speed when going up against the "racing" bikes. If you can't find one, then shoot the 50 seagulls and it will spawn at the back door of the club house. or at brian's safehouse if you've already killed him

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  • 4 weeks later...

The Alderney Casino race isn't all that bad. Completed it on my third try. The real pig was the Bohan Beach race with the sand, the winding track going up from the beach, the left turn after the tunnel (if you don't hit the little wooden ramp, you're stuffed, and if you can't make the sharp turn to get through the gap in the wall, you're double stuffed), and the pain of drifting into the water just before the windy turn.


This one took me more than 20 tries to finish, even on the Innovation. I've never been able to locate a Sanchez so far. Done the Bike Thefts, 50 gang Wars, 13 Races (12 + 1 extra - no Sanchezes amongst any of the other racers otherwise I would have stolen it), all Friendship and Mini Activities, all 50 Seagulls and as far as "Coming Down" in the story missions. Where in f*cking hell can I find a bloody Sanchez???????


I agree with Puta Bendejo that the Innovation is the best all-round bike out there, but all the motorcycles in TLaD and GTAIV are diabolocal when it comes to cornering and making tight handbrake turns.

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Namor, the only place I've ever come across the sanchez is through the bike thefts. there were 2 I had to steal. the bikes are all random, only the locations remain constant. it IS the best bike for the bohan beach race, I give you that. but for any other race, I'll use the innovation everytime.

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i'll be honest... i'm 36% into the game and have raced 12 times - the FIRST RACE! - have tried every bike and the best position i got was 5th. i almost got 1st once but the bloody hakochu slipped and twisted everywhere and thru me and i almost smashed up my controller! but u guys are saying the innovation is good, right? i think i agree. the nrg900 had decent control but still only marginaly better than hakochu.

i think the secret is just to stay on your bike! i watch almost every rider fall off at some point so it's just a case of staying on the bike, not overriding turns [btw, the hakucho is the worst bike for control ive ever rode in this game], and not getting whacked by a bat.


it's odd cos in gtaIV vanilla as niko i rode bikes everywhere i could. i love bikes. but in tlatd i seem to be riding tricycles with one wheel missing and no brakes!!!!!!! it puzzles me. i even won lots of races in gtaIV vanilla on bikes!!

but bike races??? in tlatd?? i'm lucky to stay on a bike every race. getting thrown or overshooting a corner after whacking some sod off their bike is the m ost infuriating.

i think this is a case of practise makes you worse. or maybe niko is just a better biker?

Edited by synchro_w
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Cheers, funnily enough that was one of the bikes I tried. It drove me up the wall.

i did the same. it's common logic.. offroad biking, off road bike... the sanchez is bloody awful. also, i noticed on the sanchez i got tapped once... it was a tap cos i didn;t see the biker hold the bat back for any length of time... and WHAM! the bike threw me and goes skidding away!! bloody useless. the hexer was easy better but lost all its advantages on the off road part. it just couldn't grip after a turn.

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YES! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I DID IT!


After countless goes on different bikes I finally did it! I did the braking suggestion for turns and I didn't go flat out on any of the rough ground. I came close on a Zombie, a Bati and finally won with an NRG.


AT LONG LAST, THERE IS A GOD!!!! icon14.gif

SO DID I!!!!!31 attempts!!! 31!! but i KO'd at least 30 bikers [i only have to play this badly for a few more games and i'll get the 'get wood' achvmnt, cos i seem to either score 5 or more in a race or none, poss cos i'm actually racing in the none scoring races?] and ALMOST won 45 times but - smashes head against wall - always seemed to screw up by driving over a traffic cone or brushing a lampost 100-300 yds from finish line!!

the hexer seemed the best cos it didnt throw me as much even tho its slow acc. pissed me off. the hexer can go quite deep thru the water too to cut some corners off turns on the off road bit.


to others who are stuck on this race? beware of small rocks, traffic cones [standing or on side],tyres, pallets and tiny rock outcroppings [hexer handled them easy but most bikes just threw you].. hitting a traffic cone i actually catapulted at least 10 or more feet into the air as if the bike was taking off! the biggest threats in this particular race are the terrain and objects, NOT the other bikers. i think i spent most of my time laughing as bikers suddenly catapulted into the air as if by magic or drove straight into walls at top speed!! but there's always one or two who never make a single mistake.

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I recently did the races again to go for 100% when the races, bike thefts and gang wars and stuff became available before going on with the story.


The one thing that cannot be emphasised enough is precision. You have to be very careful because as mentioned above the slightest thing can bugger you up. For races that include plenty of rough ground you need the handling of a chopper. But where you have nice long straight stretches of road then the rice rockets are probably the best because they accelerate like hell. Yes you have to slow down before you reach the turn, but on the straights you just pass other bikes like they are slugs or snails. That is even after getting smashed around by the bats.


On the first race, also it is the race against Malc as well, the side winding road before you go underneath the bridge on the North East side of Algonquin. You have a nice long straight before the road starts winding. You go flat out there. Once you reach that stretch lower your speed slighty, just keep edging off the accelerator every few seconds. That way you gain more control of the rice rocket. If in doubt, slow down because you will definately be able to rocket past the others on the straights.


Also look to cut corners when possible, the turning markers are not that precise. You can collect them even if you just graze them. Also look for corners to cut in the tracks. You have a few turns in the tracks without turning markers. There are ways of 'shortening the turn'. The Normandy Docks race with it's turn by the petrol station. You can cut though the petrol station saving you a second or two. The other bikers will follow the track regardless. You don't have to.


Edited to add. The Bohan Beach is a good place to cut the corners of the track. You ride on the shore and then turn into the dunes. That is the perfect place to cut corners, but again you need to be careful and precise.

Edited by CassiusDio
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I'm sorry all, I'm either on drugs or another planet. It's the Port Tudor Docks race. Not the bloody Normandy Docks.


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