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So i want to make it like this on my storyline:


3 possible missions at the same time,after i beat all of those 3, i get another mission from someone else, how do i do that?

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Look around in the DYOM topics.There are a lot of guide, which made by some pro users.

Good luck! smile.gif

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When you're making story-line i think at me it what you want isn't possible to do.


Look here you can ask people how to do something,they'll answer fast.

Look here too,there you can see how does storyline works good.

And look here,some solutions about storyline.


I hope this'll help something:



0 - S

0 - D

1 - S

2 - D



Intro is intro,S and D spawn when you finish intro,S2 spawn after you finish S. D2 spawn when you finish D,outro spawn when you finish all on S and D.


Did you mean this?

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