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Multiplayer Idea's


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Hi again guys smile.gif


This topic got locked last time because i didn't contribute to it so im gonna make this new one


Think of some multiplayer ideas.


EXAMPLES: (this is my contribution)


3 Leaf Clover II

Just the same as the mission in GTA IV. You just go killing all the police and it can be easy or medium or hard mode, in easy you get $75 when you kill one. $100 in medium and $150 in hard mode. And after robbing the bank you get 1,000 each, if you helped get some of the money.


Chopper Madness (Crap name i know)

Everyone has the same helicopter, all with rockets and everyone has 5 lives, you have too explode all the other helicoptors with the rockets.


Triathlon Online

The normal Triathlon, just that its online!


I'd love to here yours smile.gif



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IV Multiplayer Free Mode lacked some of the Singleplayer features that would have been really fun. Example:


Going to Strip Clubs to watch American TITTIES with your friends

Minigames like Bowling, Pool, ... the fifth really needs this sh*t!

In other words, activities!


More Co-op missions of course, including the Three Leaf Clover mission(GTA V will probably have a similar)

Co-op story would also be nice.


Removal of Auto-Aim in ranked matches.


Option to disable or enable health/armor/weapon pickups from deathmatches.


Balancing the cars in multiplayer race. They should only have very little difference in performance(like Sports category, Coquette and Banshee weren't much different) I am one of few who actually race with the SuperGT.


San Andreas shooting system. Turbo controllers will bankrupt. In SA, you couldn't tap shoot really fast and expect the weapon to do the same, and the reticule slowly shrinks instead of going back to original size.

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With all the topics flying about, I can't believe this thing was stampede over.


Chase the Dollar:

Teams of four will attempt to rob a lone bank by any means necessary. Many vehicles are offered (Some Helicopters are also offered if you look hard enough). This doesn't mean though that the teams is freelance because the Guards that protect the bank have a smart AI engineering and aren't like any dumb pedestrian out on the street. Teams have the option to work together to fight against the Guards or can just try their luck with the amount of lives they're both offered (Ranges from three, to five, to ten).


I'll probably add more later on, in the mean time, I might as well bump this.

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