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W' Double E' D


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Legalise dope but don't

Choke just know it's

Illigal for timber an'

Cotton an'

That's a truth -

An' - It's sad that it's

Forgotten - Like me;

The Green Monster is

Rotten - Please!

If marijauna was

A crop an' not a


We'd still have paper

"But still have trees."

Look now - What do you see?

Smokers die younger

Drug abuse an' the

Police. . .

Edited by ilovebender.com

I love California but, I have never been. Hi, I'm a retard! You've just read an ILB post.

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You should send this to Downing Street. I'm sure they'd reconsider their stance straight away.

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Short, and... sweet. I suppose. More of a rap verse than a poem, no? smile.gif

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