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Ok so I purchased Vice city from Impulse (Download and pay version), come to find out alot of files, mods, ect are non compatible with this version of vice city. I was wondering if anyone out there is looking for any files for this version of the game such as 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% saved game files? If so as I play along I will backup my game saves and mods ect so I can maybe lend a helping hand to the community since there is a lack of stuff out there for the steam version. Any thing you may want for this game I probley have so just ask and I can send it to you.

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That is very kind of you....


One thing to note is that VC is very non-linear in its story-- it is for about the first third, then has parallel mission paths (meaning you can do any of the paths in any order).


Another thing to note is that the story missions actually provide a small portion of the percentages to complete the game... it is possible to complete the entire story in as little 21 or 22% if you do the absolute minimum-- (no packages, rampages, jumps, safe houses, etc....).


Also-- the jumps themselves are very disproportional in the amount of the game progress they represent--- completing all the jumps provide about 24 or 25% of your 100% themslelves.....


I only mention this since providing set percentages (25%, 50%, etc) are meaningless regarding vice city because of the above, so if you still want to do this.... you might want to do it at certain places along the way and not necessarily go by percentages.


I'm sure there is a percentage breakdown listed around here somewhere---


If you need a place to host the saves-- let me know-- I can host them if you need me to.






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Yea I get what you're saying about percentages, I should have worded myself a lil better. I like to back up a save for some of the missions like (shakedown) so I can later play the game out in a different way (complete other missions or buy different properties) before finishing the story line. IDK kinda helps me get into the game without having to beat every mission just to play one over or not own a certain business. I just finished the story line tho and have saves for 4 of the more climatic missions. These all contain a game where nothing but the necessary missions were done and all unique vehicles are saved along with all the other lil special things and what not you can obtain. Never cheat and the only mission failures were done on purpose to obtain items like bullet proof admirals ect. Also thanks, if you wanna host um I'll send um to ya just gotta figure out how. haven't looked into tht yet. I can put a pc together in 5 minutes but i don't know how to upload sh*t. haha go figure. I'm sure i will get it once i look into it.

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