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Is anyone going to start GTA 5 gangs?


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I was just wondering since it is going to be coming out at least this year, and it's probably going to have a lot of gang related modes in both single and multiplayer so I am just wondering if that is starting soon or not. sorry if this doesn't belong as a topic i'm new here

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This section can be used for gang chat, gang recruitment, and for communication between gangs.


Not general chit-chat.


That being said, gangs are not restricted to a specific game such as Grand Theft Auto IV unless specified. Most gangs and their members that are active during it's release will make the transition over into Grand Theft Auto V. Gangs can be seen as social groups, so it would make sense that there would be no issue in swapping and communicating between and outside of the games themselves. Although chances are, you will see new gangs arrive themed around the Grand Theft Auto V environment leading up to and after the game's release.

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