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ok my problem y have install dyom and dont change nothing , everything is normal , the option dessing your own mission dont apear i click in new game and get to the normal single player .... sorry for my english is bad D:


I have this mods:

Cleo 4

Total overdose effects

Enb series

Gta iv o sa anims

San Andreas Redetextured 3

others cleo scripts

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I see 2 problems.


1. Use CLEO3 (download link) instead of CLEO 4.


2. Don't use mods while designing a mission.

I advice that you never use mods while using DYOM.

But the most important thing is that you don't use 'em while designing.


I hope this helps smile.gif

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First: Use CLEO 3 if CLEO 4 doesn't work. For me,CLEO 4 works.

Second: You can use Enb series,Gta iv o sa anims,San Andreas Redetextured 3 i think cause i tried it. and works!

But if that does'nt work delet them,just use GTA SA V1.1,CLEO 3,Sanny Bulider 3.04 ( SB if CLEO requesting it. )

ThaBoy said good too!


Welcome to the forums!!!

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What you guys said was sh*t, except for what AJ said, MPack makes DYOM come seperately, place the files in your userfiles, I mean go into the DYOM zip file, copy everything(NOT THE FOLDER, EVERYTHING IN IT) and paste in User FIles.

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AK is right...

Misunderstood your question...

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