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3ds max to gta sa - a dark room


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Hi! I am trying to make a dark room with just a little light and in the middle of that room I want to place a podium and on that podium I want to place a glass (transparent box) and in that box I want to make:

-an object (a parallelepiped);

-8 blue light sources placed in all 8 corners of the box that will light the object.


How can I make that? I know how to model, but I do not know how to place the lights and how to export all the stuff in GTA SA?


Thanks in advance!

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First you need to make the room dark: that is done by vertex coloring. icon14.gif

Then learn how to use 3dsmax's lights and how to export them and place them in a dff. (i think deniskas dff export script exports lights too)

(did you try googling your problem? i found dexx's 2dfx tool in about 30 seconds)

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