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[360] Zombie Night!


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Hey, everybody! Look, I'm organising a zombie event to happen. It will happen on Wednesday, 6:00pm Atlantic time.

It will be... well, zombies. To anybody who does not know, zombies in GTA 4 is just humans vs. zombies. It'll be alot of fun.

Also, the game will be ending at 8:00pm Atlantic time.


Ages: Anybody can play. You need a mic, though. NEED A MIC. You need to speak, and most importantly.... have fun!


For anyone who is interested, add me on XBL my GT is GaZillO (Messed up, I know suicidal.gif ) send me a message saying you want in.

To get in, be on 5-10 mins before the game and I will invite you.

Accept it right away, or the lobby will be full!


Rules: No vheicles. cry.gif

There will be 6-8 survivors, and their objective is to survive 10 minutes.

No bitching about the teams. (I will try my best to make sure you get fair turns) smile.gif

Aaaaand, have fun!

P.S, zombies only use knives and fists whilst humans use whatever they want.


If this turns okay, it will be a weekly thing. wink.gif

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