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Gta v 28 may


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Gta V Will come out the 28 of May. All I can say is that I have a friend who work at Rockstar as a chef and he has been told that It will come out the 28 may from one of the level designers, He also say that the 2 march we will have a new trailer showing more of the protagonist and more gameplay things we can do in the game.


I know I sounds fake but it's true my friend and the level designer are very good friends

And That is the reason why my friend got this info from him


Believe me or not the 28 may you will see I'm right


Don't lock this post I just want everybody to see this date when gtaV is out

And don't ban me this is not spam

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hah. yeah right because my step uncle's pool cleaner's brother's son works for Rockstar as a janitor and he told me it comes out in october 24th....

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I know that Gta V will come out the 28 of may

well I know that you're an idiot.


and only one of us is right...

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