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Remote Contol Car Bomb


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The Diablo Remote Control Car bomb is so much fun.


The dialouge is so funny when you use it to guard the Diablos rather than blowing them up.


I use the panel van as an alternate hideout. I sometimes get four stars in police chases. I climb in the van and everybody disappears.


I come out do some damage and get back in. Only once so far has the helicopter accidently shot the engine which caught fire and blew me up.


With two minutes you can pretty much get to any place in Portland if you want to explore. The only place I couldn't get to is where I started from. Almost to the end of the Callahan Bridge disaaster, a message comes up, says out of out of range and the car blows itself up.


I have had so much fun following police on patrol, bumping them, getting in front of them and watching them act like children.


Everyone respects that little remote.


As far as dialouge goes around the Diablo's building by the bridge where the van is parked, it's hysterical, I won't spoil it for you but it mainly comes from the women and the funniest lines are not off color.


I tried to take it to the hideout so I could mess with it there, but it evaporated and wouldn't do what it did where it originally is.


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