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Sweaty Thumbs and the iPad 2


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I found when playing GTA III my left thumb sweats causing me to push too hard on the screen.


The pressure I had to use to get Claude to move was going to damage the screen because of a sweaty left thumb. My thumbs don't sweat, just when I play this game.


I tried ordering a few things. Stay away from the joysticks.


I pulled the pad from the bottom of the joy stick, it worked but I was still pushing on the screen too hard.


I was cleaning the screen one day and since I have had Z screen protectors and C M cases, I had an overwhelming amount of cleaning cloths in black and tan.


The black ones were very thin and slippery.


I cut various squares and rectangles from the cleaning cloths. I cut a little bit of masking tape, just enough to double over and stick to the cloth and my thumb.


It works. I have forgotten the thing was on my thumb and now go to grocery stores, BB, etc. and I look sometimes and I am still weariing it.


Don't use too much tape. If it gets too thick, the heat will not get through to the screen and won't work well.


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