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Cd key troubleshooting


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first of all this is my first post in this forum. Hope you guys can help, I ve searched the topic im about to post for but I could not find it. So sorry if i am reopening a topic wink.gif


3 days ago i bought In a game store the game gta iv and the liberty city stories, once I came home, my cd dvd reader stopped working. Murphys law, i know right?biggrin.gif As I know game is also part of steam, I ve tried to activate the original cd key on steam, wich was invalid for some reason, then ive checked to download the client games for windows, and try to validate it from there, but I just get some sort of software, called marketplace and the option to validate a cdkey its not even there. tryed also via rockstar social club and nothing, gfwl webpage too, and also nothing. Ive sended 3 support mails to steam, gfwl and , rockstargames. Still no solution


any ideas?

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How can you expect to validate the key on Steam if you have not bought the game from there? It obviously won't work.


Also, how did you manage to install the game if your DVD ROM isn't working?

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Well, I did not only try steam...I tried gfwl, and rockstar club social n. I didnt install the game! thats why. Well i tryed to put it on a very old computer and log in with gfwl to see if would be sorta like a replica of steam, I could download the client of the game, Im not sure if you know what i mean

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If you bought the retail game version, you'll have to install the game from the discs you purchased. There is no way around this. Steam does allow to activate some retail bough game on their download services, but GTAIV is not one of those games.


One possible solution is to install the game over the network, but you won't be able to perform a Securom disk check without a working dvd drive.


If your disk drive is dead, I'm willing to assume your laptop is not very new and probably unfit to run the game properly. Why don't you post some specs.

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I just fixed the problem. I had an old sony vaio non working but the bluray reader was intact. I ve changed some pieces to make it fit, and it works perfectly, not even that it reads bluray! I am very happy right now...


about the game, well i could run assassins creed, the second part at high deff, so it will work for sho;)


anyway, thanks for the effort;)

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