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Dr. John

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I guees skype and raptr are it kinda.. skype is just for ze voice chat when gameing raptr cause i want to see hoe big of a geek i am.

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

I use Facebook from time to time. Used to have a Myspace account as well, but I don't use it anymore.

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

These ridiculous topic bumps need to stop.


Edit: To make this comment and thread remotely relevant, I have both facebook and twitter. My social life is organised through facebook to an extent but its mainly to keep in-touch with people I wouldn't otherwise be able to via-phone.


Twitter I use for football transfer news mainly.

It's not ridiculous. I just thought this thread was interesting, so I decided to reply to it.


Anyway, I think sites like Twitter and Instagram make people think they're celebrities.

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Well I Have a facebook account or something thats called that way?

And I also have Twitter, Instagram and some other same bullsh*t sigh.gif

But I'm not using it at all.. I Think I'm wasting some important time with Social media..

Somtimes it's fun to talk with some friends. But I Always see friends on school and in the City ya know so it's getting annoying to see them so much lol.gif

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Hey, just a general question about Facebook I want to know if someone can help me with. One of my d*ckhead friends decided he would change my birthday to 1 April as an April fools joke, and it tells me I have to wait a few days to change it back. It's been 5 days since then, so does anyone know how long I have to wait?

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