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Hey idiots, 2504 = Release date for Trailer #2


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First they were going to release it on 2504 (May 25) but since Max Payne got delayed and E3 is coming up and May will be the month of promoting Max Payne and discussing it...they will be releasing it on April 24.


April 24 = Wednesday

May 25 = Thursday


GTA V Trailer #1 came out on a WEDNESDAY


It's not the release date for anything else.


Why do I think all of this you may ask?


Remember this theory, the admins put it up on a poll back in October or so but then quickly removed it:



5 guys, 5 bullets, 5 letters.





1102 = November 02 aka the date of the first Trailer

5 guys, 5 bullets, 5 letters = Probably 5 guys the story revolves around or something of that sort

204 = April 20


April 20 is a Friday, they might announce the trailer around April 20 or give some sort of info and then release Trailer 2 on April 25, which falls on a Wednesday.


OR they mean 204 days from November 02 which is late April or Early May.


Use your brains people. One or more admin(s) have connections with Rockstar Games. They probably signed an NDA as well. It's all promotion strategy.


So that right there, April 24 2012 = Trailer #2 date theory and I bet you that I will be right unless Rockstar are douchebags and see this thread and decide to change it up.


You have to remember...recently they said "In a few months time" when asked when they will release more info. They didn't say next month (march) but April does fall into "few months" because it's 2.5 months later.


That will be all for tonight.

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Want to bet your account on it?

Sure, I'll hand over the password to my account if I am wrong on any of my theories. Please let me know via PM if I forget when the time comes smile.gif

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