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Off-Topic Snowmobile Video Game Petition


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Hey guys, so I searched the web for a while and came across some topics about a snowmobile game being requested to developers. The game would be released on PS3, Xbox 360, possibly PC and others like the PSP etc. The problem they are having is the devoloper doesn't know how well recieved this game would be and how popular that it would become. So I'm starting a few threads on multiple forums asking if you guys would sign if you would enjoy this game.


The game is said to be a simulator and they want it to be as real as possible. Heres a few samples of messages they have sent me


"We can start a system where every single interested user can pay us (completely/partially) for the software with the assurance that if you pre-order you would get a discount in the final price. We can also look at giving you access to early Alpha and then Beta such that this product is developed according to all of your wants and you can give us continuous feedback."


"yes, we are willing to develop a simulation (like GT) and not a arcade style product (like NFS).

If you are interested let me know we can plan this out about how we would tackle this kickstarting of crowd-sourcing and petition system."


This guys username is "PUCMAC" over on the Snowmobile Fanatics forums. If you have any questions don't hesitate to sign up and PM him or even just ask me too and I will relay the posts back here for reference. Thanks guys and lets make this happen!

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