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Problem with GTA 4 PC


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I have a problem with the graphics loading in when i start the game.


Either they are loaded in fine, or everything is missing.

How it loads is inconsistent.

When they do load in, it is only a matter of time before everything disppears again.


I am running this from steam.


-what i have tried so far

I have noticed that with my laptop that not all the available memory is shown in the graphics options. I have added -nomemrestrict and -norestrictions to the CLI. This does let me change the in games graphics instead of staying at low only, but the available memory is never changing.


it will show something like this 238/59mb


i have updated the graphics cards drivers,


i have also tried running in many different compadibility modes


here is the specs of my laptop, at this point i just think the laptop might not be strong enough for the game but with the specs, i do believe it should run



here is all the pc specs from dxdiag


os - windows 7 home edition 64 bit

model of laptop - dell inspiron n5010

cpu - intel 13 @ 2.53 GHZ

ram- 4096 mb

directx version - 11


graphics card itself

name - intel® HD graphics

type - interl ® HD graphics


dedicated memory - 64 mb

total available - 1696 mb


now i know the dedicated graphics ram is only 64 mbs, but it seems like the game is not taking from the available ram to make up for the video ram


anything else i can do ?



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First of all, Intel cards are not supported by this game-according to the box, the supported cards are:Nvidia 7900/ATI X1900 or better with at least 256MB of DEDICATED VRAM...


Games use Dedicated vram, NOT total vram, as the rest of that vram is shared with the System Ram...


Since you are on a laptop, there really is not much you can do, as laptop video cards cannot be upgraded, as they are soldered in(according to a local PC repair shop in the Gulfcoast area)...So, the latest GTA game you will be able to run decent is SA and VC and III...


No offence, but if you had read the Pinned "Can I run it.." thread and the system requirements from the game manual(since you have steam), you would have known you do not meet the minimum requirements for the game.. tounge2.gif

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Nope. Too weak to run. It'll probably be non upgradeable in terms of the GFX card, so you really can just forget about this game till you get a new PC.


When you decide to get a new PC tell us so that you don't end up wasting money on another system that won't run IV.


Yall really need to learn how to shop around before buying the first PC you see in a store..

i7 2630QM, 6GB RAM, GT 525M. I have the same exact config but different system model and I run everything medium at 720P no issues...


A cheap $800 too. You aren't going to find many laptops with discrete GPUs and a i7 for under $1000

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Your CPU is prretty decent but your GPU is crap for gaming. That said, I got my mate's laptop to run EfLC fairly well albeit on the lowest settings. His CPU was an i3 and his GPU was an Intel HD 3000


I created a commandline.txt file and tried several different settings with it. The following fixed the textures issue:




-availablevidmem 4.0


Give it a go but don't get your hopes up.

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