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Hi all.

I organize TDM Championship

Team 3 player

Setup are : airport, pistols, no armor, no cornershot just open, dissalow.

Need 6 or 8 teams

3 team are register for the moment


All player are welcome

8 team would be best, 2 group of 4.

two qualified first.

The first of henplay against the second of other

Final hen in half

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No external events. These 3 teams sound like teams external to this site.


EDIT: ok, aj requested to re-open this but make sure all teams you are mentioning sign up in GTAF. And add some more info on first post. It seems too poor atm.

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Thanks Doc smile.gif


I've explained to BAJO about inviting external "teams" to join the site here.


Hopefully he'll understand and take the time to improve the details of the first post, I'll try to help.


BAJO, be sure to ask S-S and SQUAD KINGS to register at least one player here smile.gif


BAJO, s'il vous plaît demander "SS" et "SQUADKINGS" à rejoindre ici (Gtaforums.com)


Je susi Désolé, mon français n'est pas bon blush.gif

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Hi Bajo, Like you asked i sign up with TLL CnC tournament team smile.gif

Hopefully this will get so far to get existed because long time ago about a TDM championship

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