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Santis Row: The Third


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If Any Admins/Mods Are Reading This, Please Delete This Topic, Thank You Very Much!


I don't know you guys have the game, but i will tell those guys that they don't have Saints Row: The Third.

The game is just like GTA, you can make your own Player Guy/Girl, anyway, you are in a gang member with Missions if you seen like some kinda Elf & some alien sh*t like that, thats there Halloween Custom in menu "Lets Pretend" just like you thinking like: ( Hmm what if i be an Alien? ), so RELAX smurfs.

i have the game, but i haven't played the game due my PC is f*cked up with virus.

i will update this topic when my PC is back on going, for now lets look at the Pictures & Info...

This Is For PC, Not Xbox & Anothers!

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