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GTA IV w/ iCEnhancer 2.0 on UBER RIG runs SLOW!


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As the title suggests, I recently installed GTA IV with iCEnhancer 2.0 and have my custom cars with the road textures and enhanced blood textures along with custom weapons.


The game runs around 35 - 40FPS @ 2560x1600 which is absolutely pathetic since my rig should be able to destroy any game thrown at it!


I'm running a 990X OC'd to 4.41GHz and FOUR (4) EVGA GTX-580 Classified (3GB) in 4-way SLI.


How on earth am I getting only 40FPS when I can run BF3 @ 7680x1600 at 60+FPS!?!?


Someone, please help me optimize the settings so that I can get smooth framerates and play this goddamn game like it was meant to be played!


Also, for some reason, the game takes FORVER to load the save (usually like 3 minutes). And occasionally, I get missing textures after playing for a while but I have 12GB of RAM @ 1600MHz so I don't think that's the issue.



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Disable SLI. GTA IV hates SLI, so if a user has 40FPS on one 580 and a 990X, then you will have 40FPS on 4way SLI and a 990X. Adding multiple cards makes almost no difference in this game.


This section is for questions about the unmodified versions of the game only.


^^^Read the yellow text above^^^^

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You can even lose FPS due to SLI.


Also, GTAIV is a 32 bit application so it can map only so much memory. Having 4TB of RAM won't make a difference. You can try using memrestrict to help out with memory management related problems and also lowering the settings a bit would probably be a good idea.

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Why are you actually whining if you have 40 fps with iCEnhancer?

I'm playing vanilla IV with 40 - 50 fps and am more than happy with it rolleyes.gif

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People are used to playing 60+ fps. GTA IV (or any PC GTA game) shouldn't be running more than 40 anyways because doing so exacerbates timing-related glitches (like the ending mission).

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