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Freeroam fun


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Okay, here it comes. It absolutely love playing GTA IV online, and I often do. Though I get so annoyed by all them turbo's and cheaters and people that just you know, ruin the game.

What I would really like is just to get together sometime with a group of 16 players, in freeroam, and just go and have fun. I don't have many friends who own either GTA IV or an Xbox 360, so it's hard to do that for me. Maybe we could just set up a group, and go and have fun sometime. You know, heavy helicopter battles, racing, stunting on the airport, you know what I mean.


If there's anyone who's up for this, please respond.


XBL GT = Inf3rn0 4ev3r

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I play GTA-IV, TLaD, BoGT on PC and am on LIVE. Send me a message and I'll add you to my list. I'm in it purely to enjoy the game, not play silly SOAB's with people who think everyone is a NPC there for their own amusement - and in doing so ruin the game for everyone else.

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Check out the gang and event sections. There are some gangs that do just that. Go out and have fun, run crazy games and just have a good time.

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