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XBOX Version vs PC Version


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Could anyone make a list of differences and improvements between the XBOX version of GTA: San Andreas and the PC and PS2 versions? Thank you.

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XBOX differences?

Xbox Differences

GTA SA on Xbox

Slight Differences Xbox and PS2 or is it a Platinum edition/non platinum thing?

how to play 2 player on san andreas for xbox plz

Which is better Xbox or ps2? Is San andreas better one ps2 or Xbox?

xbox grove strret looks better more trees and rubbish on the streets.


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The pc version has more advantages than a console version. With the pc version you can have online play (San Andreas Multiplayer or SAMP) You can also add countless mods such as, player skins, vehicle mods, weapon mods, cleo, etc... Plus the graphics are much sharper and you can play at a higher resolution than the 360 version. PC's are massively better for gaming than the Xbox 360 and PS2 but you need to upgrade it more frequently than new consoles come out in order to run the latest games.

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GTA San Andreas in ps2 is a "real first gta san andreas release"


have some things removed in xbox and pc versions.


like red sky, diferent sun ligth and another things.


In Xbox is a better graphics, and in PC is a crap port with some bugs.



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