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[SA:MP] WC-RP - Multi Character System! 2.0.9

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user posted image




*New Multi-Character system, this will allow the players to create multiple characters (5 per account) and switch between them.

*The ability to import your character: If you ever played before, you will be able to create an account and import one of your characters if you know the password to it.

*Gun Drop/Pickup system

*MySQL saving system

*Completely dynamic script which allows us to change settings on the fly without needing you to log off.

*Friendly community and administration team who will always be there to help you.

*Lockers: You can store materials, weapons and drugs inside the lockers.

*Trunks: You can store materials, weapons, money, drugs and up to five suitcases inside a trunk.

*Suitcases : You can store materials, weapons, money and drugs inside a suitcase.

*User Control Panel: You can change your account password via the User Control Panel and also see some of your stats.

*Donator Control Panel: If you decide to donate via the DCP you will receive your donator points right after you donate without having to wait for an admin to give them to you.

*Car ownership: That's right, in West Coast Role Play you can own up to six vehicles.

You can own boats, airplanes, motorbikes and cars.


Some screen shots:


user posted image

user posted image


Top 3 reasons on why you should join us.


1) In West Coast Role Play the players will go through a series of questions before they join in, if they pass the test then they can join in, if they don't pass the test then they can go to play in a death match server.

After passing the test the players will spawn at the LS Airport if that is the location they decided to spawn at, if that wasn't the location they will spawn somewhere else.

After spawning the players will be able to go on a Taxi Interactive Tutorial Cab where the taxi driver will teach the player about the different spots in town.

We've decided to make this kind of tutorial just so you don't get bored with these dumb timed tutorials where you have to wait and you actually don't read anything..

They're boring aren't they?

We do have some amazing features among this server and we always strive to deliver the best for our players so we can make sure they are satisfied with what we have to offer.


2) Our economy is structured, this means that our economy is based in real life and by that we are ensuring that you are having fun as a player and at the same time we are also expecting you to know that our economy won't finish in the toilet. (further information is explained below.)

By having our economy based on this we won't be having players who will be full of money. If you want money you will have to work in order to get it, you won't be getting any money if you don't know how to role play or you don't get a job.


3) Role Play promotes players, cookies promotes actions.. that's right if you role play in our server then you will receive a cookie from our admins as a reward.


If you're interested, leave a message and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible over the GTAForums.


Best Regards,

West Coast Role Play

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Doc Rikowski

No external events/servers advertising.

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