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The Noise Mystery


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Today I talked my friend about GTA III.

And told him about one thing, I was interested in some time.

While playing GTA III, a strange noise occurs sometimes.

You can Listen it down below:




So we started to figure out the solution and he founded.

And the mystery was surprising.

Check it out down below:




I contacted to Rockstar Games to get the answer, but it wasen't needed anymore...

What you think?

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I think most people already knew this, It's common sense to realize it's the guys headphones, I found out the first time i heard it
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When I first played the game, I thought it was supposed to be a helicopter flying far away as an ambiance sound, since I never got close to that ped. I eventually found out it was the DnB coming from his headphones.

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yea, always knew that. But its honestly my favorite little touch R* made about this game. Its almost eery sounding.

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I always had listened that sound, but i didnt ever thought, that its coming from this guy

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Yep, some dnb/techno.

Once on my III i edited the headphone sound: changing it into a multiple-song mix.

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